TONYMOLY Green Vita C Soothing Emulsion 120ml


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Size (용량) : 120 ml
Manufacturer : TONY MOLY (토니모리)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Korean TONYMOLY Green Vita C Soothing Emulsion 120ml Skincare Cosmetic Description

  • Volume : 120 ml
  • This fluid emulsion provides moisturizing and soothing effects to boost energy of the skin.
  • Vitamins of the organic ingredients of Jeju tangerine extract and Iceland moss extract are captured for brightening care.
  • Smoothens your skin while maintaining a long-lasting moisturizing effect with the formulation of AQUAXYL.
  • Major ingredients:Tangerine peel extract, Iceland moss extract (50%), AQUAXYL ingredient, Xylitol, Centella asiatica extract, Ethyl ascorbyl ether (100 ppb), portulaca extract,
  • Fluid emulsion with rich moisture layering to supply skin vitality and hydration
  • Essential ingredient + moisture ingredient pang pang! Real active brightening care
  • Iceland moss extract 60% gives effective moisture supply
  • Tangerine green freshness, fruit scented pure extract vital-brightening
  • Low temperature extracted to reduce damaged of organic acids and vitamins from the heat.
  • Soft fluid texture emulsion softens skin to keep skin moisture for long.

TONYMOLY Green Vita C Soothing Emulsion 120ml – How to Use:

  • Apply an appropriate amount evenly over the face.
  •  Pat gently to enhance absorption.

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