Drop Ship Service

What is Drop Ship Service ?

Drop Ship Service is customer buy products from Korea website and ship to our office addres in Korea, then We will charge a fee (handling fee + domestic shipping fee + shipping to your country) for repacking and ship to your address without any hassles.

Drop ship service to malaysia singapore philippine brunei thailand vietnam cambodia australia saudi arabia dubai england indonesia taiwan


Let us know the link of the products the customer wants to purchase from, and we will quote out. And we order from Korea, and receive it in Korea branch, and ship to our customers.


Products Cost in your currency + domestic shipping fee + International shipping fee to your country + handling fee
Handling fee = RM 35 or USD 8.50 for the quantities of products up to 6, additional quantities of products is RM 5 OR USD 1.20 for each.


Our Shipping address in Korean**: 서울 강서구 화곡8동 394-28호 신라하이츠 301호

Our Shipping address in English**: #301, Silla Heights, 394-28, Hwagock 8 Dong, Gangseo Gu, Seoul, South Korea. Zip Code: 07755


Our Drop Shipping Service is available to this countries as below:

Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Australia, New Zealand, Nepal, Bhutan, India, japan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Brunei, Macau, Canada, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Finland, Italy, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Brunei, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Qatar, Ukraine, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, new Zealand, South Africa, Israel, Ireland, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Sweden, Finland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Czech, Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, morocco, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Angola, Congo, Turkey and Saudi Arabia.


Option 1 : Email us with

1. Full name:
2. Shipping Address:
3. Contact Number:
4. Products URL: (Link from)
5. Item name or product code:
6. Size of Item (if indicated):
7. Option of Item (if indicated):
8. Quantities of Item:
9. Price (Korean Dollar -Won):
10. Check Item (Y or N):
11. Note:

Email to us (marketing@koreasnbymalaysia.com) ~ ^^


Option 2 : How to fill out ‘Order Form’ step by step

  1. Download our order form (excel)
  2. Fill out all the blanks (N/A for none applied)
  • URL address is  URL . Copy the URL from the Bar, and paste in the order form.
  •  Item name or product code, whatever the website indicates the item or product by their policy.
  • Size of Item if indicated: clothes-S, M, L or 55(S), 66(M), 77(L), write free if it is. Look at the models’ size to imagine how small or big the cloth is.
  • Option of Item (for cosmetic, such as #1 or #2, Color, or dry/oily skin etc., for clothes and accessory, color or pattern etc.)
  • Number of item: 1 or 2 etc.
  • Korea-dollar Won Price: for double checking that a customer and I are looking at the same products.
  • Check Item: For customers’ privacy, we won’t tear off the inside wrapping, unless requested by customers. Please say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for our staffs to check the items or not. If customer says ‘No’, and then the customer finds out the product has a problem, we are not responsible.
  • Note: If there is
  • Fill out Customer’s information correctly!! If a parcel is lost on the way due to wrong address, we are not responsible.

3. Email back to us, I will let you know the Final Cost.

4. The order will be under process, as soon as the payment has made.


Shipping Policy

  1. Up to 2kg is registered regular airmail, over 2kg (ocean or EMS by customers’ choice). Shipping days- business day 7~14 days. Wrong provided address is not our responsibility.
  2. Our usual shipping class is Registered-regular airmail with Tracking Number, So you could track your parcel. ^^


You could fill up The Drop Ship Form Service as below:

  1. First, click the DROP SHIP FORM HERE.


  1. Go to File   =>    Download as    =>   Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
  2. Fill it up Drop Ship Service Form.
  3. Send it to me by E-mail (marketing@koreasnbymalaysia.com).





Feel free to Contact me, if you have any question  ^_^

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