Innisfree [이니스프리] is known for being South Korea’s first all-natural brand. Their products ranges from makeup to skin care products for men and women. Their products include the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Olive Real Cleansing Foam, and the Wine Peeling Jelly Softener.

We offer innovative beauty solutions powered by the finest natural ingredients  responsibly sourced from Korea’s pristine Jeju Island. Thanks to its volcanic origins, this fertile oasis has a unique ecosystem with unparalleled resources to nurture beautiful skin.

Our proprietary extraction methods preserve the purity and potency of these wholesome ingredients from plant to bottle, offering advanced formulas that safely address all skin concerns without the use of harmful chemicals and preservatives. With the wonders of nature at the heart of innisfree, we take care to preserve and protect the environment in all that we do.

We ship to world countries as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippine, Canada, England, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Qatar, Ukraine, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, South Africa, Israel, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Greece, Vietnam, Japan, Thailand, Indonesia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Australia, Germany, China, Mongolia, new zealand, Italy, Finland, Iceland, Ireland, Spain and so on.

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