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Manyo Factory Herb Green Cleansing Oil 200ml

RM 120.90

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Size (용량) : 200 ml
Manufacturer : Manyo Factory (마녀공장)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean Manyo Factory Herb Green Cleansing Oil 200ml  Skincare Cosmetic Description

Herbal hydrophilic Herb Green Cleansing Oil effectively cleanses skin of makeup and contamination, does not block pores, prevents blackheads and acne. Due to its texture, the oil penetrates deep into the pores, dissolves and pushes contamination outward, activates the deep cells of the skin, strengthening its protective layer, smoothing wrinkles and improving tone.

Hydrophilic Herb Green Cleansing Oil does not leave a sticky or greasy film on skin, does not contain artificial ingredients.

Manyo Factory Herb Green Cleansing Oil 200ml – How to Use:

  1. Using the bottle dispenser put some oil in your palm and apply to dry skin with gentle massaging movements.
  2. Moisten the hands with water and continue to massage until the oil becomes milky color and dissolves all the makeup.
  3. Rinse the face with warm water and clean the face with a foam cleanser.
  4. This Herb Green Cleansing Oil is recommended for daily use during the the skin care cleansing routine.

Manyo Factory Herb Green Cleansing Oil 200ml review

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