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Missha Mega Volume Mascara 10.5g [3 type]

$ 17.36

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Size (용량) : 10.5 g
Manufacturer : MISSHA (미샤)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean Missha Mega Volume Mascara 10.5g [3 type]  Skincare Cosmetic Description

Deep volume :
A mascara that catches up to the lashes and produces a thick, lush lash.

Long volume :
A mascara that produces long, lush eyelashes like an eyelash extension.

Curl volume :
Mascara that gives elastic eyelashes as if it were a volume fill up to short eyelashes.

Missha Mega Volume Mascara 10.5g [3 type] – How to Use:

Hold the back of the curve by aligning it with the shape of the eye and apply on the eyelashes, starting from the root and working upward in a zigzag motion.

 Missha Mega Volume Mascara 10.5g Deep Volume malaysia singapore indonesia Missha Mega Volume Mascara 10.5g curl volume malaysia singapore indonesia Missha Mega Volume Mascara 10.5g long volume malaysia singapore indonesia

Missha Mega Volume Mascara 10.5g [3 type] review

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