COSRX Full Fit Propolis Honey Overnight Mask 60ml


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Size (용량) : 60 ml
Manufacturer : COSRX (코스알엑스)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Korean COSRX Full Fit Propolis Honey Overnight Mask 60ml Skincare Cosmetic Description

  • Volume: 60ml
  • Infused with propolis and herbal extracts, allantoin, sodium hyaluronate and adenosine to soothe, moisturize and pamper skin overnight as you sleep.
  • Can be used as a sleeping mask, wash-off mask or regular moisturizer.

COSRX Full Fit Propolis Honey Overnight Mask 60ml- How to Use:

  • Apply a proper amount on skin at the last step of skin care routine and avoid the eye and lip areas.

COSRX Full Fit Propolis Honey Overnight Mask korean cosmetic skincare product online shop malaysia China philippines1


COSRX Full Fit Propolis Honey Overnight Mask 60ml  review

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