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COSRX CIRACLE Mela Control Whitening Cream 50ml

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Size (용량) : 50  ml
Manufacturer :  COSRX [코스알엑스]
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean COSRX CIRACLE Mela Control Whitening Cream 50ml Skincare Cosmetic Description

  • Volume : 50 ml
  • Ciracle Mela Control Whitening Cream is a certified whitening cream that brightens the darkened areas of  your skin overnight.
  • Ciracle Mela Control Whitening Cream helps to brighten the face and improve the appearance of dark spots, puffiness and lines, with an innovative and rich moisturising cream.
  • Properties of Mela Control Whitening Cream
  • Helps to erase past skin damage like dark spots and fine lines in the face
  • Brightens and improves skin appearance.
  • Your skin is sensitive so that it can easily get tired, dry and dark.
  • Many people with busy carrior has been release thier worries for their skin with this skin whitener cream, Mela Control Whitening Cream. Here is the best solution for your exhausted skin.Say goodbye to your darkened skin with Mela Control Whitening Cream.

COSRX CIRACLE Mela Control Whitening Cream 50ml  – How to Use: 

  • Apply at the end of the base makeup, before using sun block.
  • Spread evenly on your skin.
  • Applying before going to sleep is also recommended.

COSRX CIRACLE Mela Control Whitening Cream 50ml

COSRX CIRACLE Mela Control Whitening Cream 50ml –  review 

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