Banila Co Smudge Out Detail Brow Pencil 1g [4 type]

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Size (용량) : 1 g
Manufacturer : BANILA CO. (바닐라코)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Korean Banila Co Smudge Out Detail Brow Pencil 1g [4 type] Skincare Cosmetic Description

  • Volume: 1g
  • 4 type : #1 NO.1 ,#2 NO.2 ,#3 NO.3 .#4 NO.4
  • Hexagon-shaped so as to help create fine lines and fill in brows with precision and ease.
  • Leaves a powdery finish and stays put for hours.
  • Glides on the skin after base makeup.
  • Equipped with a spoolie brush and a sharpener.
  • The Smudge Out Detail Brow Pencil is a hexagonal dagger-shaped long-lasting eyebrow auto pencil.
  • A sharp eyebrow pencil that allows easy drawing for even beginners and long-lasting
  • Do you dye your hair a lot? It will look awkward if your hair & eyebrow color do not match. So it is important to choose the right eyebrow color that matches your hair color. There are four Smudge Out Detail Brow Pencils colors so that you can choose the right color for your hair.
  • These hard formula brow pencils allow natural coloration so even beginners can use them without worrying about drawing thick and unnatural eyebrows.

Banila Co Smudge Out Detail Brow Pencil 1g [4 type] – How to Use:

  • After pulling out about 1mm of the product, gently draw eyebrow.

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#1 NO.1, #2 NO.2, #3 NO.3, #4 NO.4

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