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SUM37 Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam 250ml

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Size (용량) : 250 ml
Manufacturer : Su:m37 (숨)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean SUM37 Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam 250ml  Skincare Cosmetic Description

  • Volume: 250ml
  • A gentle cleansing foam with smooth jelly texture which easily forms fine and tiny bubbles, help cleanse the skin effectively.
  • The use of naturally fermented Algae, extracting the essential moisturizing element, provides a long-lasting moisturization effect to the skin.
  • Does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) or synthetic fragrance.
  • A foam cleanser with plant-derived cleaning ingredients gently removes skin waste, contains essential fermentation moisturizing ingredients, and maintains moisture for a long time after washing.
  • When rubbed with your hands, the transparent gel essence turns into a soft, mousse-like foam that removes makeup residue and contaminants from every corner of the pores, leaving your skin clean and refreshed.
  • Oatmeal extract with excellent moisturizing and soothing effects is applied to complete moist cleansing even after cleansing.
  • Make your skin comfortable, clean and bright after washing your face!
    Relaxing effect on every corner of the skin with a soft feeling!

SUM37 Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam 250ml – How to Use:

  •  Pump 2-3 times onto wet palm to work up into a rich lather.  Gently massage and rub over face and rinse thoroughly with water.

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SUM37 Skin Saver Essential Cleansing Foam 250ml  review

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