Sooryehan Soo Cheonsam Seonyu Skin Toner 130ml korean cosmetic skincare shop malaysia singapore indonesia

Sooryehan Soo Cheonsam Seonyu Skin Toner 130ml

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Size (용량) : 130 ml
Manufacturer : SOORYEHAN (수려한)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean Sooryehan Soo Cheonsam Seonyu Skin Toner 130ml  Skincare Cosmetic Description

CheonSam (Heaven grade ginseng), Sinseon Beullodan, Pleuropterus multflorus (120 year-old), deer antlers, Cordyceps militaris, etc.

Provides nutrition to makes skin lively and bright.

Sooryehan Soo Cheonsam Seonyu Skin Toner 130ml – How to Use:

After cleansing your face, pump the product 2-3 times onto your palms, and apply it along the skin texture.

 Sooryehan Soo Cheonsam Seonyu Skin Toner 130ml malaysia singapore indonesia

Sooryehan Soo Cheonsam Seonyu Skin Toner 130ml review

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