primera Avocado Balancing Cleansing Oil Boccoli Sprout 150ml korean cosmetic skincare cleanser product online shop malaysia australia uk

primera Avocado Balancing Cleansing Oil Broccoli Sprout 150ml

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Size (용량) : 150 ml
Manufacturer :  primera (프리메라)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean primera Avocado Balancing Cleansing Oil Broccoli Sprout 150ml Skincare Cleanser Description

  • Volume : 150ml
  • Ingredients: Broccoli Sprout , Avocado oil
  • A cleansing oil keeping it tender and smooth as make-up residues and skin impurities are removed, and at the same time, avocado oil imparts a noticeable sense of softness to the skin to keep it supple and smooth.
  • Natural oil extracted from avocado imparts a sense of softness to skin and keeps it supple and smooth.
  • Smooth rolling comfortably cleanses tired skin.
  • Also can be used for deep cleansing to remove point make-up. Easily rinsed with water for quick and simple use.
  • Natural flavors extracted from those following natural resources and it occurs color variation from its origin and harvesting time. Colors may be different; however, flavor and function are same.

primera Avocado Balancing Cleansing Oil Broccoli Sprout 150ml  – How to Use: 

  • Dispense an adequate amount on the palm and apply to the face.
  • Then, massage gently with the hands. Rinse with lukewarm water and finish by washing the face with the cleansing foam.

primera Avocado Balancing Cleansing Oil Boccoli Sprout 150ml

primera Avocado Balancing Cleansing Oil Broccoli Sprout 150ml    –  review 

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