It’s Skin Detail Pore Clean Brush

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Size (용량) : 70g
Manufacturer : IT’S SKIN (잇츠스킨)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

100% authentic brand from korea, We will pay you back double up (200%) money guaranteed if you get fake product from me. ^^

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Korean It’s Skin Detail Pore Clean Brush Makeup Cosmetic Description

  • Thinner than a human hair, that meticulously removed until misemo the pores of nopemul, clean and smooth skin texture makes the perfect cleansing.
  • It’s Skin Detail Pore Clean Brush is suitable for sensitive skin and mild exceptional cleansing effect of misemo pressure is evenly distributed stress to the skin.
  • With exfoliation, hand washing when given to the removal of blackheads & whiteheads, and makes the skin more bright and clean floors.

It’s Skin Detail Pore Clean Brush- How to Use:

  1.  Buried in enough water to brush a good amount of cleansing products (cleansing foam, cleansing powder, cleansing soap) and rub gently on the palm to create richfoam.
  2. After creating the foam, a circular motion gently rub the entire face using a brush.
  3. The area is a little more concerned about pores and blackheads, and dead skin, rinse thoroughly.
  4. Bubbles left in the face with lukewarm water to remove neatly.
  5. The brush has been used in a well-ventilated area to clean, rinse them thoroughly with water and then dried.

It's Skin Detail Pore Clean Brush 100ml malaysia singapore indonesia


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