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Innisfree My Palette My Blusher 4g [22 type]

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Size (용량) : 4 g
Manufacturer : INNISFREE (이니스프리)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean Innisfree My Palette My Blusher 4g [22 type] Makeup Cosmetic Description

  • Volume: 4g
  • 22 type : Sky Lavender , Sunny Peach , A warm apricot flower ,Merry Gold , Hydrangea , Peach Flower , Sunny Rose, A Finely –dried rose ,Rose  Under The Fence ,  Spring Time Pink Tulip , Red Camellia ,Viglet Pink Hydrangeas, Dreaming Friesia , Fragrance Stay Lavender , Blooming  Peony , A warm Lilac , Sparkling Baby Roses , Shy Daisy , Adim Wood , Marigold Filled With cream , Dried Rose Bouquet , Sweet  Peony
  • The most flattering blush shade for your skin tone .
  • With a vast selection of blush shades, you can choose the right shade that matches your skin tone. Find the most flattering shade to create a vibrant makeup look.
  • Silky powder to make blush color stay put .
  • The silky-textured powder that is lightly and evenly skin-fit retains color all day long.
  • Magnetic shadow pans to be either easily separated or combined .
  • The bottom is so magnetic that the blusher pans can be easily separated and combined. By popping them into a palette case, customize your own palette.

Innisfree My Palette My Blusher 4g [22 type]- How to Use:

  • Put an appropriate amount onto the brush, gently shake it, and apply on desired skin areas. Micronized powder may cause flakes, so press the brush firmly against the face instead of sweeping over it.
  • [Tip for customizing your own palette]
  • Choose your favorite My Palette color.
  • Pop the pan out of its case through the groove and then pop it into your palette.
  • The pan is magnetic so that anyone can conveniently and easily add or remove it.

Innisfree My Palette My Blusher 4g [22 type]       review

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#1 A warm apricot flower, #2 Merry Gold, #3 Hydrangea, #4 Peach Flower, #5 Sunny Rose, #6 A Finely –dried rose, #8 Spring Time Pink Tulip, #9 Red Camellia, #10 Viglet Pink Hydrangeas, #11 Dreaming Friesia, #14 A warm Lilac, #16 Shy Daisy, #18 Marigold Filled With cream, #21 Dried Rose Bouquet

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