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Innisfree Auto Pencil Liner 0.5g (4 Color)

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Size (용량) : 0.5 g
Manufacturer : INNISFREE (이니스프리)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean Innisfree Auto Pencil Liner 0.5g Makeup Cosmetic Description

1. Convenient auto use. Clear color. Smooth use.
2. Sustains well and long against water, sebum, and sweat.
3. Coconut oil and Vitamin E soothes skin around eyes.
4. Pen type.

Color : 01 Black | 02 Pearl Brown | 03 Champagne Pink | 04 Wine Burgundy

Innisfree Auto Pencil Liner 0.5g – How to Use:

Pull a bit of liner and draw on eyelines.

Innisfree Auto Pencil Liner 0.5g malaysia singapore indonesia 


Innisfree Auto Pencil Liner 0.5g review

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