too cool for school Egg Remedy Hair Oil 100ml korean cosmetic skincare shop malaysia singapore indonesia
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too cool for school Egg Remedy Hair Oil 100ml

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Size (용량) : 100 ml
Manufacturer : too cool for school (투쿨포스쿨)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean too cool for school Egg Remedy Hair Oil 100ml  Skincare Cosmetic Description

This rich hair oil is a lifeline for dry, damaged and distressed tresses.

Too Cool For School specializes in bringing cutting edge ingredients from the heart of beauty innovation
– this features egg oil to strengthen and boost strands, as well as plant
– based protein and vitamin B & C for softening and firming care, and argan oil to leave a smooth, glossy finish.

too cool for school Egg Remedy Hair Oil 100ml – How to Use:

Massage few drops to the hair when the hair feels dry and messy.

For Home Care Massage, 2-3 pumps on wet hair before drying. And add one drop to the hair tips after drying.

too cool for school Egg Remedy Hair Oil 100ml malaysia singapore indonesia

too cool for school Egg Remedy Hair Oil 100ml review

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