Belif Moisturizing Lip Bomb 3g [3 type]


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Size (용량) : 3 g
Manufacturer :  Belif (빌리프)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Korean Belif Moisturizing Lip Bomb 3g [3 type]   Makeup Cosmetic Description

  • Belif Moisturizing Lip Bomb Volume: 3g
  • 3 type : 1pink , 2 Basic , 3 Coral
  • Main ingredient: Raspberry Leaf
  • Explosive on the lips parched the boseupgam moist moisturizing bomb was handed down gakkwoju a lip balm .
  •  A transparent color for all ages willingly Basic can bar , pink and cute impression that the women ,  giving a subtle animation to Coral 3 consist of one color .
  •  Shea Butter ingredients and Nathan Pierce original the formula is contained. Moisten to the mood of vanilla fragrance spreads gently spread .
  • No addition of Mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, synthetic organic pigment, animal-derived component.

Belif Moisturizing Lip Bomb 3g [3 type]   – How to Use: 

  • When you feel dryness, take an appropriate amount from time to time and apply it to your lips.

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#1 pink, #2 Basic, #3 Coral

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