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Aromatica Tooth Gel Tea Tree 150g

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Size (용량) :  150 g
Manufacturer : aromatica (아로마티카)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Aromatica Tooth Gel Tea Tree 150g Skincare Cosmetic Description

  • Volume: 150g
  • Free of Flouride, Paraben, SLS, PEG, Microbeads, Saccharin, Triclosan, Animal-derived ingredients, Artificial Dyes, Artificial Fragrances
  • A daily toothpaste which is carefully made with safe ingredients for the whole family.Containing naturally-derived cleansing ingredients, this natural toothpaste keeps gums and teeth clean and healthy. A blend of natural spearmint oil and tea tree oil gives a mild flavor and keeps breath fresh.

Aromatica Tooth Gel Tea Tree 150g – How to Use:

  • Squeeze a pea-sized amount of toothpaste onto your toothbrush and brush your teeth thoroughly. Rinse out your mouth with water.

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Aromatica Tooth Gel Tea Tree 150g   – review     

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