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AHC Capture C Brightening Mask 25ml x 4ea/box

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Size (용량) : 25ml x 4ea
Manufacturer : AHC (에이에이치씨)
Place of Origin : South Korea (한국)

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Product Description

Korean AHC Capture C Brightening Mask 25ml x 4ea/box  Skincare Cosmetic Description

Major ingredients : Galactose fermentation extract, Bifida ferment extract, grapefruit extract, Indian bead tree Mulberry extract, green tea extract, rice extract, perilla seed extract

  • Ferment complex (galactomyces, bifida ferment extract) provide vitality for care.
  • Niacinamide with vitamin C whiten dark skin, portulaca extract and sangbaekpi extract brighten and lighten for vital care.
  • Green tea callus extract and rice callus extract with plant vitality provides healthy and silky skin.
  • Soft texture bamboo sheet provide active ingredients with perfect fit even on curve areas of the skin.

AHC Capture C Brightening Mask 25ml x 4ea/box – How to Use: 

1. After face wash use toner.
2. Place capture brightening mask onto face.
3. After 10~20 minutes let nutrition absorb onto skin.
4. Remove mask and tap gently for excess amount of essence to absorb into skin.
5. Finish with capture c brightening ampoule and capture c brightening cream.

[TIP : 1 minute massage providing vital skin After mask, while letting essence absorb, massage gently.]

AHC Capture C Brightening Mask 25ml malaysia singapore indonesia 

AHC Capture C Brightening Mask 25ml x 4ea/box review

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