ZYMOGEN Brand Story

Natural technology ‘Fermentation’ by nature itself. ‘Fermentation’ a technology of human without damaging nature. It’S technology ‘Fermentation’ is made with balance and harmony of technology of nature and human. ‘Fermentation and Enzyme Cosmetics’; in other words all ingredients of It products are clean and highly active to improve your skin.  It also bring anti-aging, whitening effect, and cosmetically which means it will treat any skin problems.

It’s fermentation cosmetics are made from ‘zymogen fermentation science laboratory’ by detoxifying plants and enhancing the effect by fermenting natural plants good for taking care of skin problems.

We Ship ZYMOGEN’s products Korea Cosmetics SkinCare products to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia , Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, australia, new zealand, nepal, bhutan, india, japan, sri lanka, pakistan, bangladesh, macau, Canada, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, America of United Stated, Norway, Sweden, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Ukraine, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, South Africa, Israel, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Greece, Romania, Belarus

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