The Face Shop

The Face Shop

Welcome to Korean The Face Shop Malaysia cosmetic skincare Makeup Cleansing products. Authentic The Face Shop Korea Cosmetic brands is Offers at Seoul Next By You. You can find all the best Korean cosmetic skincare, makeup, body and hair care products here.


THEFACESHOP understands the value of health and beauty, and we passionately pursue to serve you everyday beauty needs.

We will continue working with beauties throughout the world to exceed their expectation with much devotion.


The World’s Leading Brand”

Naturalism : THEFACESHOP Naturalism – productsinspired by nature

Variety : THEFACESHOP offers variety to meet all

Value : THEFACESHOP offers high quality products at affordable prices


THE FACE SHOP is a Korean cosmetic retailer owned by LG Household & Healthcare. Created in Korea in 2003, THEFACESHOP is expanding fast, and now serves customers all over the world, with a global presence of more than 2,300 stores in 29 countries.

We ship our products to Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippine, Canada, England, Turkey, Georgia, Serbia, Croatia, Austria, Czech Slovakia, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, morocco, Sudan, Yemen, Oman, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Israel, Somalia, Kenya, Nigeria, Mali, Angola, Congo, Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Australia.

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