Sulwhasoo (SkinCare)

Sulwhasoo SkinCare

Find your skin’s balance. 
Reveal a healthy, youthful glow.

The Story of Sulwhasoo

For over 50 years, Sulwhasoo has combined the time-honored wisdom of traditional Korean herbs with cutting-edge science to develop luxury skin care that reveals skin’s harmony.

Inspired by ancient Korean wisdom, renowned cosmetics label, it is famous for using Korean herbal medicine to make wellness and beauty products. An interesting blend of indigenous herbs with traditional Korean skincare methods, the brand carries products that help energize and nourish the skin effectively. With the introduction of the now popular Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Cream, the label has garnered a huge fan following. Time-tested, energizing, and refreshing, each product from the collection is designed to nourish your skin and complexion. SEOUL NEXT BY YOU offers a great assortment of Sulwhasoo skincare items including the eye creams, lifting creams, brightening creams, Ginseng eye cream, and more.

It focuses on enhancing women’s skin to reflect their beauty within. Korean herbal medicine is the key behind it’s powers of rejuvenation, keeping skin healthy, balanced and radiant.

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