Ryo is an oriental premium Korean hair care brand by Amore Pacific, and specialize in using herbal products in theirKorean hair Care products. Ryo has various types of Shampoos and what type of hair they suit. Green one is ChungAhMo and it’s for all type of hair. Restore unhealthy hair through ancient remedies, biota seeds and Korean ginseng.

Hair loss has become an increasingly common challenge for women of all ages around the world. Ryo was born to help find treatments for challenges such as damaged scalp, dandruff, and dryness. As a premium hair care brand we successfully deliver fundamental nutrients to the hair and scalp through the carefully selected Korean herbal ingredients such as Korean ginseng, green tea, camellia and soybeans. Our shampoos and conditioners use herbal remedies to treat a variety of hair health concerns. Since its first launch, Ryo has continued to grow in popularity and released diverse products such as its Jayangyunmo(anti hair loss and scalp care), Hambitmo(damage care) and Ginsengbo(anti-aging hair and scalp care).

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