OHUI (MakeUp)


OHUI [오휘] is a Korean cosmetic brand by LG Household & Health Care. It is a high-quality brand perfect for those with sensitive skin. Launched in 1997, It quickly gained popular and has become more famous than many other international brands in Korea.

Luxury Cosmetic OHUI has a philosophy that says ‘when nature and science meet’. LG Household & Health Care, has research the science to bring the natural ingredients to effectively penetrate to the inner part of the skin, OHUI ‘Original Energy 100’ series to ‘Intensive Sunblock Cake’, was a hit they’ve invented. even now, women ages 30-50 highly uses it.


O HUI is a name symbolizing the beauty of modern and sophisticated women. The principles of the cosmos & nature and
modern science & technology. You can experience “Same Age, Different Skin” with it’s MicroAging Science.

We are offer all kind of Korea cosmetic products and ship to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia , Laos, Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, australia, new zealand and so on

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