Moonshot (Korean: 문샷) On October 2, 2014, YG Entertainment branched out into another line of business and launched its cosmetics brand titled ‘moonshot’. The brand is named after Apollo 11’s historical landing on the moon, and just as that event turned dreams into a reality, the brand also has the intent of taking on various challenges and breaking away from the typical makeup lines.

Create the beauty brand carry the philosophy and spirit of YG that has potential to be true international brand bring unexpected imagery and product to consumers.

To be a “Brand to be Talked” for the trendy stylish and modern women.

It Seek, Dare to be extraordinary. inspired by the revolutionary Moonshot which brought a new paradigm to the world. It’s brand which brings you a fun and unexpected experience.

We are offer all Korean cosmetic beauty products and ship to Malaysia, philippine, Brunei, Indonesia, Vietnam, Singapore, Canada, England, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Poland, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, America of United Stated, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Argentina, UK, Brunei, Saudi Arabia and so on.

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