MANYO FACTORY (마녀공장) has been established in 2012, but in such a short time, the products of this brand became very popular not only in Korea but also in other countries such as China, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan, France, Germany and others. Initially, Manyo Factory products were supposed to be sold only in South Korea, however, the products became of a huge demand in the first two years of the sales start.

Korean word ‘manyo’ can be literally translated as a sorceress. Why sorceress? Manyo Factory products consist of only natural, organic and botanical ingredients, so the process of creating natural cosmetics can be compared with the preparation of magic potions.

We recommend you to read an article about the difference between the natural and organic cosmetics.

You can be sure that the components of organic cosmetics are completely safe to use, have a hypoallergenic formula and do not harm even the most delicate and sensitive skin prone to irritations, rashes and imperfections.

Manyo Factory products contain no artificial coloring and fragrances, mineral oils and products of oil refining. Careful and thorough skin care without chemicals is the main idea of korean cosmetics by Manyo Factory.

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