It's Skin (Beauty Accessories)

It’s Skin Beauty Accessories

It’s Skin made by dermatologist of Seoul University. The brand concept is that ‘it recovers the natural powder of the skin’, and this is the cosmetics developed to create ideal skin by studying many kinds of skin troubles and flaws. The hit Snail Mucus Extract line! Snail mucus is good for skin reconstruction.

Brand Philosophy

Clinical, Research to produce good ingredients, and optimal compounds for your skin.

What is the reason that 21% snail cream has the best skin regeneration effect?
Ingredients contained in cosmetic products produce good effects for each skin type. Finding an optimal ratio and combination of ingredients that can produce the best effects are as important as using good ingredients. It’s Skin develops good ingredients and has its own technology of combining ingredients to produce optimal skin solutions.

Skin, It has an interest in all changes occurring with your skin.

It’s Skin is looking out for your best interests. It always has an interest in you—not just when you have skin problems from fatigue or when you get freckles from the sunlight. It’s Skin knows your skin changes in the morning and at night. It knows that your skin changes in the spring and summer. It has observed the many stimuli and changes that your skin experiences.

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