Innisfree (Beauty Accessories)

Innisfree Beauty Accessories

Innisfree [이니스프리] is known for being South Korea’s first all-natural brand. Their products ranges from makeup to skin care products for men and women. Their products include the Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, Olive Real Cleansing Foam, and the Wine Peeling Jelly Softener.


As the #1 beauty brand in Korea, innisfree is at the forefront of the global movement towards K-Beauty. We combine Korean heritage and fast-paced innovation process to offer reasonably priced customized solutions that help preserve skin’s youthful glow.


The Korean approach to beauty is all about prevention. Women from other parts of the world may not consider a full skin care routine until they notice a blemish or fine lines forming, whereas Korean women begin meticulously caring for their skin from a very young age before any damage has been done.

They believe that if you need to address a problem, it’s too late and covering flaws with heavy makeup is not an option. They preserve and protect their skin’s pristine state to delay aging for as long as possible to achieve and maintain a truly healthy glow.

We ship to world countries as Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei, Philippine, Canada, England, Saudi Arabia, Cambodia, Qatar, Ukraine, Switzerland, Portugal, Denmark, South Africa, Israel, australia, new zealand, Poland, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Canada, America of United Stated and so on.

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