AHC (Body & Hair)

AHC Body and Hair Beauty Product

AHC [에이에이치씨] is a solution for skincare and body’s health by esthetic principles. AHC’s esthetic effect does not only treat what you see. It’s reborn your skin everyday and find beauty with luxury skin management AHC.

A.H.C Intense Line
specializes in protecting your skin from the skin-damaging environment, providing professional care and relief for skin troubles of different skin types.

All-natural, botanic ingredients for soothing effects
The non-artificial botanic ingredients make it possible to be used on oily, sensitive skin or skin that is irritated by a facial scrub without troubles.

Concentrated ingredients that stay close to your skin
The concentrated ingredients work in proximity with your skin to control moisture and provide protecting, soothing and nourishing effects to tired and sensitive skin.

We ship our Korea AHC Body and Hair Beauty Shop care products to Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Philippines brunei, Israel, Ireland, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Chile, Uruguay, Greece, Chile, Uruguay, Greece, Romania, Ukraine, Belarus, Norway, Sweden and so on.

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