Welcome to Korean Cosmetic brand of Sum37. Su:m37 is a naturally fermented skincare brand that contains the vitality of nature.

The waiting begins. Under controlled temperatures, unblemished natural materials that have been carefully selected are allowed to ferment, passing four seasons. Throughout the one year, within an environment where temperature is maintained at 37˚C equivalent to that of the human body, a safe yet potent life force with vast and amazing skincare efficacy develops.

Our Approach

More than 80 seasonal plants are gathered every season. Different parts of the plants such as roots, stems, leaves, flowers, seeds and fruits are selected to be separately fermented in su:m37˚’s Natural Fermentation Research Institute, located in an area without large-scale commercial activities within a 10km radius in Gangwon province, boasting of clean air and water.

After 365 days of wait in controlled conditions of temperature (at optimal 37˚C), light, sound, water, soil and air, only the best ingredients that are good for the skin are filtered out to create Cytosis®, the essence of su:m37˚

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